Our Guest Teachers

Yelizaveta Nersesova

Yelizaveta Nersesova

From Los Angeles, CA

She encountered tango by total accident. With no dance experience or training, she had no intention of ever dancing it. But tango had other plans for her…

Tango doesn’t have to be complicated… Yelizaveta aim is to clarify, simplify, and demystify the inner workings of social tango so that dancers have the time of their life whenever they  step on the dance floor.

At the Portland TangoFest 2023 she will be teaching a class open to all levels to introduce followers to the art of leading and leaders to discover the meaning of following.

In general Yelizaveta teaching method aims to empower her students to start leading or following socially as soon as possible by giving the most useful and essential tools to develop their own dance.


Yelizaveta started dancing tango in 2009 and got smitten by it. Since then she has dedicated a lot of efforts to understand how to improve her tango dancing and the dancing of the people around her. 
She has been studying movement and body mechanics since 2001 and holds 500-hr yoga certification.  She studied a variety of dance and movement modalities including blues and fusion, ballet, Gyro-tonics, and Franklin Method.

By integrating insights from other movement traditions, she was able to develop a method that allows her to show the students  how tango can be easy on the body and the mind.

In recent years, her focus has shifted to responding to the acute need in the tango communities for more leaders by teaching women the leading role. She believes that equipping women with the skills to dance both roles empowers them to be in charge of their dance experience and really get what they want out of tango.

At the core of her teaching philosophy are 3 foundational tenets required for becoming a successful and satisfied social dancer: movement, musicality, and mindset. In her classes she incorporates all three so that students can integrate the information and be able to apply it on the dance floor as soon as possible. Everything she teaches is meant to make tango leading less intimidating and more accessible so that students are able to start leading on the social dance floor as soon as possible. You can learn more about me on my website: http://imsotango.com