Our Vendors


Kiosco - Convenience Store

To make it easier to get the last minute stuff you were not able to purchase while getting to class or to the milongas, we created a convenience store within the Norse Hall.

The store features great freshly made sandwiches and salads from the F&B Cafe for your lunch on the fly between classes.

Soft drinks of any kind and munchies to quiet rumble stomachs while trying to get those steps you wanted so much to learn will be on sale!

Napkins, band aids, pens and our feature T-Shirt to remind you that Portland is a cool place to be and the Festival an event to revisit in the future, will be availble at the Kiosko place, the coolest place in town!


Jennifer Olson is...

With the most comfortable and quality tango shoes on the market, Jennifer can help guide you to the most perfect fitting pair with her 12 years of professional tango experience. Come check out her booth!

Women's tango shoes - Bandolera, Regina, and Turquoise
Men's tango shoes - Bandolera


Quality, comfort, knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing.


TangoLeva is...

Tangoleva ...dressing tangueras worldwide since 1998 Clothing designed and produced by tango dancers, we have our finger on the pulse of tango fashion. Tangoleva knows what works, what feels good, what looks great.

Preserving the classics and continually creating new, inspired pieces. Express your tango mood and personality with Tangoleva. Fabulous tango dresses, skirts, pants, tops and more!

Tangoleva creates limited edition tango dresses, skirts, tops & pants of high­end quality fabrics and workmanship. We focus on dance ­tested designs that work on a variety of body types and show off each woman’s best features. Our limited edition collection is balanced with affordable pieces hand picked from a variety of fashion showrooms. Tangoleva’s dedicated & very personal customer service will take care of you from beginning to end.

At the Portland Tango Festival 2017 you will have the opportunity to visit our Tangoleva Pop ­Up boutique and experience our beautiful, wearable, long lasting clothing up close and personal! Feel the fabrics, try the styles ... amaze yourself (and your leads!) with your new Tangoleva outfit.



Tango Shoes by JuliaBella

JuliaBella is based in Washington, DC, and has expanded to include location in  San Francisco, offering Comme il Faut, SUR at tango festivals across North America. 

Julia prides her team on its special skill of finding that unique pair for every woman. JuliaBella's oldest client so far is 75 years old, and is amazed at how well she can dance in her 3-inch stilettos, thanks to Comme il Faut's outstanding structure and craftsmanship. JuliaBella boasts a large number of repeat customers, some beyond the dance world. Many women become addicted to the brands and the expert service they receive, and even after 10-hour office days and long nights out, they swear by the killer stilettos that feel like slippers.

JuliaBella was featured in the Fall 2008 issue of Culture & Leisure Magazine, and Comme il Faut shoes made Top 10 Readers' Fashion Picks in the magazine's special 10th anniversary edition (September 2009). In addition to her growing business, Julia continues supporting the art of Argentine tango, and is proud to promote it in the US. In 2009, she co-founded the not-for-profit organization Tango Element, which is dedicated to bringing various tango programs to the American people.  JuliaBella is a proud sponsor of annual Tango Element Tango Festivals in Baltimore, MD.


Poema is...

POEMA is luxury handmade tango clothing. We produce fantastically beautiful clothes with total freedom of movement, using high-end materials like real silk charmeuse and bamboo knit. Our signatures are glamorous silhouettes, fashion-forward prints & rich colors.

Tango is an opportunity to wear truly glorious clothing, but not all clothing is designed to be secure enough for a night of dancing. Poema clothing IS designed for dancing late into the night without sacrificing the opulence of luxury materials or the delicate whimsy of handmade couture. Each garment is carefully hand made from luxury materials by the designer, resulting in unique, collectable pieces that are infinitely pleasurable to wear while dancing.

Dancers should come and get an amazing piece of luxury tango clothing from us because our clothes are not only ultra-flattering to the dancing body, but the are also made from natural, breathable materials!


AtelierVertex is...

Tango clothing for the eternally best-dressed.

You put a lot of effort into looking your best at the milonga. You work hard on your dance skills, invest into right shoes and clothing, learn about music and culture. Our goal is to make it easier for you to feel elegant and comfortable. Your embrace, your footwork, your movement, your musicality - it's YOUR TANGO. Every tanguera needs a dress to match her unique style. Atelier Vertex designs beautiful dresses as unique as you are. Tango clothing that embody luxurious elegance and freedom to move. Dresses tailored to perfection from highest quality materials for the eternally best-dressed. 


Tyler Haas Designs Jewelry is...

Jewels for you and your love of Tango.

Tyler has been making jewelry since he was young and what started as a hobby became a profession. he graduated from University of Oregon in 2012. After some time backpacking and exploring the world, he settled down in Bend, Oregon where he has been making jewelry professionally for several years now.

As a jeweler, he strives to bring curves, lines and movement to life in a form of wearable art that is sensuous, vivid, and stunning.

While he uses a variety of precious metals and natural gemstones, his focus is on sterling silver. Every piece he creates is unique and handmade with care, precision, and love.