schedule of classes-2022

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Class Details

We designed the schedule of classes to represent the diverse teaching and dancing styles of our renowned instructors. We want this offering to cater to your learning needs. For a positive experience, please evaluate your own dancing, and adhere to the level guidelines when choosing classes.

  • Classes are 75 minutes long.

limited class sizes

The number of participants in each class will be LIMITED.

At registration we will ask you to choose the role you prefer; this information will help us  ensure role balance.

After registration and closer to the Festival dates we will ask you to choose the classes you would like to attend.

Classes do fill up early, so we encourage you to register as early as possible to avoid missing out on enrolling in a class you want to take.

Level guidelines

  • All levels /  beginners: Classes for beginners and advanced dancers alike. Many classes will focus on individual movement and technique, body awareness, musicality and deep fundamentals. 
  • Intermediate: You are familiar with fundamental tango vocabulary and comfortable leading/following patterns. These classes will challenge you to develop new combinations and gain confidence in creating dynamic steps.
  • Advanced: You are looking to gain targeted training in the class topic to achieve better quality of movement and integrate different steps. You should be comfortable with the topic and ready to dive into the specifics of technique and execution.
  • Advanced Couples: Bring a partner and challenge yourself to dance the signature specialty of our featured instructors. If you feel all too familiar and comfortable in your dancing, this class is for you! 

Class locations

A – Oregon Ballroom – Salon FE

B – Salon ABC

C – Salon GH

D – Salon I

schedule of classes

Our Guest Teachers

Luciana Valle

Luciana Valle is both an expert leader and follower, and has won widespread recognition as one of the best female teachers. She teaches with fantastic energy and exuberance, has a wonderful eye for detail, and uses descriptive movement images, making complex actions accessible.

Esteban Moreno &
Claudia Codega

Dancers with a great stage presence, recognized worldwide as teachers and choreographers, they are part of the tradition of Argentine tango and are, at the same time, bearers of innovation.

Felipe Martinez &
Ayano Yoneda

Felipe & Ayano came together in the tango scene of the San Francisco Bay Area, and embody the global nature of tango, traveling full-time throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Asia to teach, DJ, and lecture about the music.

Gaston Olguin

Gastón Olguín is a very talented teacher and tango dancer. Through his ballet training he was exposed to rigorous dance techniques which helped him develop his current method of  teaching tango.

Register Early, Classes Fill up fast.

Secure your spot in advance

Early Bird Registration for Festival passes opens on June 15, 2022