Our Guest Teachers

Rebecca Rorick Smith

Rebecca Rorick Smith

From Portland OR

Lived and taught within numerous communities in the USA and around the world

Currently Rebecca offers regular classes in Portland and several smaller communities in Oregon as well as workshops and residencies across the Country.

As a teacher Rebecca has always believed in the transformative process of learning Tango and is fueled by the metamorphosis of her students. She offers accessible compassionate guidance combined with a deep understanding of both following and leading, music, and ever-evolving techniques. 

Find more information on her website: www.tangorebecca.com/


Rebecca’s Tango journey began in Eugene, OR in 1999 while pursuing her BFA at the University of Oregon. Through Eugene’s Tango Center she began teaching and 20 years later her feet have not yet stopped dancing!!

From 2000 Rebecca has lived and taught within numerous communities in the USA, and around the world. Now, after 5 years teaching, organizing, and DJing in Berlin, she is back in the USA and home in Oregon.