PTF2022 – Vendors

Our Vendors

Kiosko, the Festival Convenience Store

Classes start soon and you are in a hurry to purchase something you forgot?
Check the Festival convenience store, the Kiosko, located close to the registration desk.
You can find munchies and soft drinks to quiet your rumbling stomach and quench your thirst while trying to get those steps you wanted so much to learn.
Sundries such as napkins, band aids and pens will be on sale, too. And our feature T-shirt, which will remind you how cool the Festival and Portland are, will also be available at the Kiosko, the coolest place in town!

Jennifer Olson

Jennifer sells the most comfortable and quality tango shoes on the market. With her 14 years of professional tango experience, she can help guide you to the most perfect-fitting pair.

Come check out her booth!

Women’s tango shoes: Bandolera, Regina, and Turquoise
Men’s tango shoes: Bandolera

Quality, comfort, knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing.


Sandra Angel, Owner, and Designer
Tango and dance-wear fashion, hand made one-of-a-kind and
Dance Shoes for men & women


Juliabella is based in Washington, DC, and has expanded to include location in  San Francisco, offering Comme il Faut, SUR at tango festivals across North America. 

Julia prides her team on its special skill of finding that unique pair for every woman. JuliaBella’s oldest client so far is 75 years old, and is amazed at how well she can dance in her 3-inch stilettos, thanks to Comme il Faut’s outstanding structure and craftsmanship. JuliaBella boasts a large number of repeat customers, some beyond the dance world. Many women become addicted to the brands and the expert service they receive, and even after 10-hour office days and long nights out, they swear by the killer stilettos that feel like slippers.

JuliaBella was featured in the Fall 2008 issue of Culture & Leisure Magazine, and Comme il Faut shoes made Top 10 Readers’ Fashion Picks in the magazine’s special 10th anniversary edition (September 2009). In addition to her growing business, Julia continues supporting the art of Argentine tango, and is proud to promote it in the US. In 2009, she co-founded the not-for-profit organization Tango Element, which is dedicated to bringing various tango programs to the American people.  JuliaBella is a proud sponsor of annual Tango Element Tango Festivals in Baltimore, MD.

Pimon Martell

Shoes Collection - Turquoise tango shoes

Pimon Martell is the distributor for Turquoise Shoes in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) and Seattle, Washington (USA).

Women Tango shoes designed by Turquoise Shoes are designed and handmade in Istanbul by a team of dancers and shoemakers committed to creating comfortable, light, and beautiful footwear for dancers around the world.

Men’s tango shoes, stylishly designed for extra comfort. Her selection features best materials, superior craftsmanship and is a reflection of Turquoise dedication to quality control.  The outer sole made from a unique material is designed to improve stability and posture on a slippery surface while providing the freedom of nice and smooth pivots you always wanted.

Lamina Tango Boutique

La Mina Tango Boutique brings exclusive designs of current women’s tango fashions direct from Argentina, Italy and Sweden. All the clothes are hand made by the best artisans of their trade.  Many are one of a kind designs and prints.


We collaborate with the hottest tango fashion designers to create clothing lines that are fit for all ages and body types.  


With our hands on the pulse of tango fashion trends in Buenos Aires and the specific needs of our customers in North America and around the globe, we’ve created a unique tango shopping experience that will meet all your needs and desires.