PTF2022 Our Team

Meet our dedicated Team

The festival is run by the Portland Tango Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that besides the festival sustains other activities within the Portland Tango community, like scholarships for local people interested in learning or perfecting tango and updates to the Portland tango website.

On her sixth year of organizing the festival, Luisa Zini Fortuna put together a new team to tackle the challenges connected with putting together such a big and complex event.

Core group of Organizers PTF2022:

  • Luisa Zini Fortuna
  • Art Fortuna
  • Greg Frost
  • Tanya Ky
  • GG Rowe
Meeting at the VT Group headquarters. Luisa, Executive Director, with Greg and Michiel in the background.

This year we have the great fortune of having two new members joining the core organizing team with lots of expertise in project management and data base programming. GG particularly is keeping all of us on track by managing our time and keeping us honest concerning our commitments.

We meet bimonthly mostly online as the pandemic has taught all of us to do.

Since we decided to move the festival to the Marriott Hotel things will be a bit different  organizational wise and hopefully magically beautiful and fun in actuality.

We have invited an amazing group of Teachers, DJs and musicians so everything is heading towards the right direction.


Tanya Ky
GG Rowe
Arthur Fortuna
Greg Frost

Previous Years organizers

Michiel and Greg. Michiel helps in all sorts of ways with his management experience and computer wizardry. Greg is our CFO, a great collaborator with amazing dedication.

Nancy was our amazing volunteer organizer during the previous years.

Lindsay and Megan. Lindsay worked in the past on setting up the registration desk and organizing the staff. Megan helped with the orchestra and hotel accommodations.

From the back, Nat, Matthew, Michiel and Art, a great team. They selected DJs, vendors, took care of the food we provided and helped in all sorts of other ways.