Mariano Frumboli (Chicho) and Moira Castellano


 A new collaboration

Chicho and Moira started dancing together in the latest few months after Juana, for personal reasons, had to go on a sabbatical. Chicho and Moira have taught and danced together at different Festivals in Europe bringing a great enthusiasm and admiration in Chicho's students.

They are both great teachers with an amazing knowledge of the dance from a variety of points of view. Together they bring a depth of understanding that has no comparison.

Chicho has said of Moira:

"Sometimes we find the words and sometimes we do not ... Explain a feeling has its own, say it, even more. The tango is a medium, a sharp line that crosses the heart reaching the soul. I know that many know what I'm talking about, and for those who have not yet reached that point ... work and waiting pay off. Thanks to you, Moira Castellano, for giving me the possibility that it will happen again.That my friend the tango comes to me, again, taking every cell of my body."


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Chicho Frumboli

Mariano Frumboli, also known as Chicho, has undoubtedly played the main role in the creative evolution of tango in the last 15 years. He is renowned worldwide for his personality, musicality and creativity. 

He teaches with love and talent, combined with a profound understanding of the dance. His classes are a must for those who are just approaching Tango, as well as for experienced dancers. His dancing is characterized above all by musicality and improvisation. In a unique way, he expresses the essence of the music in his dancing. In his teaching, he emphasizes being conscious of the body's movement.

Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli, work as a Musician, Composer, Actor, Artist, Teacher and Tango Dancer has been one of the biggest gifts that an artist could have given to any art form: the continuous questioning, the research, the quest for originality, and full-hearted creativity.

Chicho was playing drums since 14 years old and studied theater for 8 years before discovering tango. He modestly says that he was lucky to be invited to the tango revolution lead by Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas. For sure tango was even luckier. Chicho is driving and influencing the progress of tango dance. He's a movie star (Tango libre (2012) and Fermín glorias del tango (2014)). He calls himself milonguero viejo and rightfully so - he's history in progress.


Moira Castellano

Moira Castellano is currently one of the most important tango dancers and choreographer. As a dancer she is able to link the language of contemporary dance with the traditional tango, chameleon in dance and physicality, fascinating and seductive.

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