Oliver Kolker and Katherine "Kat" Gorsuch


The couple

Oliver and Katherine have known each other since the time Oliver lived in New York. They have been teaching and performing together a number of times and are very happy to have the opportunity of partnering up one more time and participate to the Portland Tango Festival in its 2018 Edition. 


Oliver Kolker

Oliver Kolker, a very well known tango teacher and performer, brings a spirited and lighthearted approach to the teaching of tango. His compelling instructional style combines precise explanations with intuitive ways of conveying the dynamic of the steps.

Oliver began dancing Tango in 1997 inspired by his grandmother Beatriz, an amateur Tango lover and singer. Like most of us he became obsessed with the dance and began spending more and more time at the milongas and practices, taking lessons and dancing into the wee hours. Few years later he started teaching tango in Buenos Aires and was hired as a performer in a number of traveling tango shows before moving to the US where he developed a very successful tango career founding tango schools and participating to the most important tango Festivals in the US like the Portland Tango Festival and others and all over the world.

Oliver was lucky enough to learn with a number of very renowned teachers like:  Horacio Godoy, Luis Solanas, Osvaldo Zotto, Roberto Herrera, Graciela Gonzalez, Carlos Copello and Carlitos Perez.

Being the very eclectic and creative person he is, Oliver, besides working on developing his successful career in tango,  produced Tango instructional videos with a number of very accomplished tango teachers and performers and ended up becoming an accomplished movie producer. One of the movies he produced few years ago is quite popular in the tango circuit: Fermin, Glories of tango, which showcased at the Portland Tango Festival 2015 and in more than 10 Movie Festivals all Over the World.

Today Oliver is Dancing, Teaching and Producing movies with his business partner Hernan Findling. Together they founded Funciona y Kuenta Producciones.

He is also the main inspirational organizer of the  competition that happens in Buenos Aires every year.



Katherine "Kat" Gorsuch

Katherine Gorsuch's hybrid expression of movement is derived from the many dance influences in her life. She received her formal dance training at Ballet Hispanico in New York City. After graduating from Hunter College with a BA in Anthropology and Linguistics--a degree that infused her with wanderlust, a craving to learn more languages, and the desire to engage with different cultures through dance-- she had the opportunity to study flamenco in Madrid, tango in Buenos Aires, and aerial arts in Brazil.

At 17, she began dancing tango in New York City. She initially partnered with Robin Thomas, teaching at several university tango clubs, (Princeton, Columbia, Yale..) and different dance schools in NYC. Since then, she has taught across the U.S, Europe, and Buenos Aires. Her versatility has allowed her to work with a range of dance partners, of those recently including Marcelo "El Chino" Gutierrez, Andres Amarillo, & Oliver Kolker. During her last years in New York, she was a performer with the Malbec Tango House company. She is currently based in Berlin. If not dancing contemporary dance or training with circus aerial arts, she can be found teaching classes at Tangotanzen Macht Schön. Coming from a diverse background, Katherine believes in a well-rounded multidisciplinary form of training. Understanding one's body in one movement form enriches all others. Elements of these different movement techniques can be seen in her style of teaching.



The dance