Los Totis - Christian Marquez and Virginia Gomez


The first word that comes into mind about Los Totis is “classic”. Their distinct style of tango looks like something time-traveled perfectly from the past. The look, the moves, and the musicality. They are exactly the perfect image of what comes to mind when you think of classic tango (or “old school tango”). A suit, a dress, sharp lines and movements. Elegant, classy, and flashy all at the same time. 

Christian and Virginia first partnered in 2006, turned professional in 2007, and broke out onto the international scene around 2009. They were the star students of another famous couple from the previous golden era—Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games. Gabriel & Natalia danced with all the legendary names in tango: Roberto Herrera & Vanina Bilous, the Zottos, to name a few. Back in those days, you absolutely had to be great or nobody cared. That was also a time when the creators of tango were still alive, and would watch your performances to make sure you weren’t ruining all the techniques and moves they invented.  Gabriel Angio had a genius mind, having studied with all the legends and memorizing not only their figures but exactly the way they did it and in their cadence. Gabriel’s era was also during the rise of stage tango, when performances used sharp flashy movements to entertain dancers as well as non-dancer spectators. (It’s a stark contrast from most of today’s performances featuring a more low-key social vibe and performed in front of mostly dancers.)

Being that Christian & Virginia were Gabriel’s star students, you can see exactly where they get their distinct style of precision and sharpness from. You’ll see how they evolve from their stage origins into the unique crowd-pleasing technical style that you see today.

Their dance

In few years Los Totis have become one of the most sought couple in the tango circuit and this is surely due to the fact that it is really fun to watch them dancing. Their creativity and precision is mesmerizing and from what we were told they become even better when they are paired with other master dancers like they will be here in Portland.