Our Venues

PTF2021 COctober 7-10, 2021

our venues

Join us for over 24 hours of social dancing!

Five 90 minutes classes taught by our amazing local teachers


Tango Berretin

6305 SE Foster Rd

  • Friday Matinee Milonga
  • Sunday Class and Farewell Matinee Milonga


111 NE 11th Avenue

Milongas, classes, and vendors

  • Main Ballroom
  • Norse Lodge Upstairs
  • Use the Cabeceo when possible.
  • Avoid figures that impede the natural counter-clockwise flow around the outer edge of the dance floor.
  • Keep up with the couple in front of you and do not allow a large gap to form.
  • If the floor is crowded, a second line of dance can be formed.
  • Do not move back and forth between the different line of dance.
  • If you find yourself impeding the flow, dance in the center.
  • Only pass another couple under extreme conditions.
  • When entering the dance floor with your partner make eye contact with the closest lead asking for permission to enter the the line of dance in front of him.
  • Do not tech on the dance floor.

Register Early, Classes Fill up fast.

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