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Is your body too tired to keep on dancing even if your soul would love to go forever? No problem, we have a lovely service here at the Portland Tango Festival that will help you get back to the fun dancing. We invited three among the best massage therapists in Portland to provide massage on site for a very special Festival price. Some of them are also tango dancers and they know what you need to put you back in shape for the next all night! Look for their sign up sheet in the entrance lobby and go for it!



Daniel has been a licensed massage therapist since 2012. He participated in a wellness cooperative for 2 years before going into private practice in the Portland area.  Daniel combines Myo-Fascial Release and Muscle Energy Technique and Thai Stretching to relieve tension and correct imbalances in the body.  This is Daniel's second year participating in the Portland Tango Festival. Last year was a great experience and he is very excited to be back again!  He will be offering massages at the milongas as well as private sessions by appointment. Contact Daniel at: 541-880-8714 or sacredcirclemassage@yahoo.com






Genevieve has been a licensed massage therapist since 2013.  She spent her first year at Khalsa Pain Relief Clinic before going into private practice.  She uses her clinical education paired with her 25 years experience as a professional dancer to work with clients in a skilled, intuitive, and holistic way.  Genevieve integrates Myo-Fascial Release, Thai, Acupressure, and Trigger Point therapies in her treatments.  Being an avid tango dancer herself, Genevieve tailors her work to tango dancers needs at festivals all along the west coast.  Genevieve is offering massages at the milongas as well as private sessions by appointment. Read more about her at:wewhomove.org

Contact: illuminatethebody@gmail.com




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Matthew has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007.  He went directly into private practice as well as teaching anatomy and therapeutic massage for the past 10 years.  He draws from his anatomicalknowledge and clinical knowledge along with his 15 years of training in kung fu and meditation to treat people both physically and energetically.  He uses Myo-Fascial Release, Deep Swedish, and Trigger Point therapies + Energy Clearing to offer the deepest treatment he can with each person.  Matthew is offering massages and energy clearings to reduce stress and anxiety at the milongas as well as private sessions by appointment.  Read more about him at: MatthewSchulman.com