Our Guest Teachers

Maxi Copello

Maxi and Raquel met around 2015 dancing together as strangers at a regular milonga in Buenos Aires. At that very magic moment, they both realized they had found their tango soul mate. Since then, they have been dancing together professionally making their dance dream come true.

Their dance is clean fun and creative full of love and joy. They like to convey their enthusiasm for the tango to their student influencing them with their passion.

Together they have participated to various tango competitions danced in movies and theaters and formed a dance company together with Carlos Copello, Miriam Copello, and Cristian Correa. 

They were guest teachers in festivals all over the world and taught online during the pandemic.

Maxi and Raquel continue to push the artistic boundaries of their dancing and find new ways to teach and transmit their knowledge of Tango to their students.

& Raquel Makow

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Raquel Makow

Raquel Makow as a small child was a natural dancer and performer.  She trained in ballet, jazz, and ballroom, and learned Tango as a teenager when visiting her family in Buenos Aires. 

As a professional Latin ballroom dancer, she participated in several international competitions in Europe and the US earning final placements and winning the title of Portuguese National Champion. At a certain point she discovered that Argentine tango was her true passion and left her competition years behind to dedicate herself to perfect her tango dancing in Buenos Aires.

Maxi Copello was born breathing Tango as the son of a world-renowned dancer, Carlos Copello.  In his childhood he would go along with his father to the theater, seating in the lighting booth watching each Tango show with awe and admiration.  At a certain point, curiosity and his genes won him over and Tango became his biggest passion.  Since then, he directed and acted in several Tango movies and has traveled the world teaching and dancing tango in Europe, Asia, and even at Broadway.

Maxi Copello