Our Guest Teachers

Luciana Valle
& Matias Sotto


& Matias Sotto

From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luciana and Matias have been working together in Buenos Aires for more than 10 years. Matias is one of the most talented students Luciana grew. They work as a powerful team teaching in Buenos Aires and abroad.

Their understanding of the dance, their deep knowledge and technique and the way they share it with student shows how much they love to teach.

Don’t miss the opportunity to work deeply on your tango with these fabulous masters!!


Mattias Sotto has a deep knowledge of the body because of his ballet training. When he discvered tango he used his knowledge to perfect the execution of the tango moves as a fuction of the natural way bodies act.

He studied and collaborated with Luciana Valle for more than 10 years.




Luciana Valle began dancing in the nineties and was part of the Tango Investigation group of Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas, a project that produced what is nowadays known as the tango language used all over the world to teach tango.

She is both an expert leader and follower, and has won widespread recognition as one of the best female teachers. She teaches with fantastic energy and exuberance, has a wonderful eye for detail, and uses descriptive movement images, making complex actions accessible. Her classes focus on the structure of the dance, the technical keys to moving comfortably and expressively, and the strong connection between leaders and followers challenging and benefiting both leaders and followers alike.

Since 1999 Luciana has been coming regularly to Portland to teach tango workshops and give privates.

Their Dance and teaching