Guest Teachers

Gustavo Naveira
& Giselle Anne

In the world-wide community of Argentine tango, there are few maestros that are sought after everywhere as much as Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne.
Rooted in the tradition of Argentine tango, the teaching method of this iconic couple exposes their students to the vast and complex variations intrinsic to the tango dance.

Luciana Valle
& Matias Sotto

Luciana and Matias have been working together in Buenos Aires for many years. Matias is one of the most talented students Luciana grew. They are now working together and sometime traveling and teaching abroad.

Elizabeth Wartluft

As a teacher Elizabeth is highly focused on preparing the body for the dance. Her deep knowledge of body mechanics allows her to guide her students to where they need to be to dance comfortably and joyfully.

Yelizaveta Nersesova

Yelizaveta is a dancer, teacher, and organizer in the Los Angeles, CA area. She has been dancing social tango since 2009 and used to live in Portland OR. Her passion resides in empowering women to build and embody confidence as leaders on and off the social dance floor.

Private classes Info

During the festival some teachers are availble for privates.

Book your class directly with the teachers by sending them an email.

If not otherwise instructed, Private classes will be taught in Salon D.

For Teachers Only