Julian Ingram, Atlanta


After 15 years of being a tango DJ, Julian, said in his words,  still gets butterflies of excitement in his stomach every time he plays at any milonga!  His excitement comes from the beautiful combination that is the milonga.

Through the years Julian has uniquely intertwined his background as a professional musician and knowledge of music in general, to being a tango DJ. Treating each tanda as a miniature opera within itself is what he thinks of while DJing.  How does the tanda develop? What does each “Act” (tango) say, and how can we find the essential mood of the tanda in an evolved way from the first to the last? The orchestras tell us these things through their tangos. He is just honored to get an opportunity to represent them through the music he chooses.

JUlian Ingram says: "What will the dancers be like?  What mood can we feed off each other with as dancers and DJ alike?  What surprises will happen to make the event ineffable joy?  How can I contribute to a unique mood of the floor in a way that expresses my style while listening to the floor?  Yeah...my name is Julian Ingram and I'm a tango DJ addict.  Let's get addicted together!"