Our Awesome DJs

Felipe Martinez & Ayano Yoneda
San Francisco, CA

Felipe Martinez


Ayano Yoneda

San Francisco, CA

Felipe & Ayano came together in the tango scene of the SF Bay Area, and embody the global nature of tango, traveling full-time throughout the world to teach, DJ, and lecture about the music. They also spend time annually in Buenos Aires studying and enjoying the dance, the music and its history. They are both resident DJs at many Bay Area milongas: El Valenciano, Genesis, The Beat, Alberto’s, and Milonga Rubia. With 38 years of tango experience combined they are both invited to DJ regularly in the US, Asia & Europe. Their musical selection is based on the Golden Age classics that ensure a great atmosphere for dancing. Ayano’s Tango Poetry Project also currently runs two online weekly programs.

Day Time Milonga Location DJ
Saturday 10.10.2020
Felipe Martinez & Ayano Yoneda