Our Guest Teachers

Esteban Moreno

& Claudia Codega

Buenos Aires Argentina

Dancers with a great stage presence, recognized worldwide as teachers and choreographers, they are part of the tradition of Argentine tango and are, at the same time, bearers of innovation.

For several years, they have been one of the major references for the new generation of tango dancers and teachers. The sobriety and elegance of their style as well as their pedagogical talent place them among the greatest.

Installed and based in France, they formed the company Unión Tanguera in Lyon, with which they created Efecto Tango and Tango Vivo in co-production with the Maison de la Danse and the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon.

They travel to many cities in Europe, America and Asia taking part in the main international tango festivals. But it is especially in Buenos Aires, cradle of tango, that they dance in many shows, workshops and festivals.

In their way of dancing and teaching one feels the affirmation of a style in which all the aspects of today’s tango are found without renouncing the strong heritage of popular tango: “el abrazo” (the embrace), this particular way of apprehending the ground while walking, the extreme sobriety of the movements and the musicality.

Their dance is a serious, dense, and dynamic dance, a synthesis of the “tango de salón” style with a tango of today, “nuevo”. Styles revisited in a transversal way uniting fantasy and imagination, and based on a great analysis of the possibilities of movements and communication in a logic of improvised tango.

Claudia Codega

Claudia Codega, is an Argentinean tango dancer, choreographer and clothing designer. She has been teaching tango for a few decades. Her background is in classic ballet and contemporary and modern dance. She studied with many important dance teachers and perfected choreography working with renowned Ana Maria  Stekelman. Since the early nineties she had been performing and teaching Argentine tango with Esteban Moreno and touring all over the world. She co-founded with Esteban the dance company Union Tanguera. In one of its tour Union Tanguera also performed in Portland Oregon.

Esteban Moreno  has a great stage presence with intense charm and elegance and a rich tango style. He is globally recognized as an excellent teacher and capable choreographer.  His style is closely tethered to the traditional tango salon with on open mind towards the infinite creative possibilities that the tango dance offers.  His long dance partnership with Claudia had remarkably influenced the new generation of tango dancers and teachers.

Esteban grew up in Buenos Aires where he started dancing in the early 1990s. There he studied and trained with the greatest “Maestros” of the time  such as Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Roberto Grassi, Alberto Villarraso and ‘Lampazo’ Vazques as well as with those that facilitated the renewal of the “Argentine Tango” and rendered it popular all over the world.

Esteban Moreno