Our Guest Teachers

Elizabeth Wartluft

Elizabeth Wartluft

From Portland OR

dance teacher, anthropologist and traveler, specializing in body awareness and well-being

Elizabeth offers regular classes in Portland and  Beaverton and teaches workshops in Bend, OR several times a year.

Her teaching is highly focused on preparing the body for the dance. Her deep knowledge of body mechanics allows her to guide her students to where they need to be to dance comfortably and joyfully.

She believes that no two people learn dance the same way. She works on incorporating new information about learning into her teaching, constantly striving to improve how she conveys the material. She has extensive experience in teaching people with anxiety disorders, people on the autism spectrum, and introverts.

Find more information on her website: www.elizabethwartlufttango.com/


Elizabeth started dancing in college, taking ballroom dance, and fell in love with it. People told her she was too old to start, too heavy to be a ballerina, and not graceful enough. But by the time she graduated, she had taken every dance class offered by the college and was already teaching dance.

After college, she taught English with the Peace Corps and after that she went back to school and earned an M.A. in dance, focusing on dance and personal and ethnic identity. She earned another M.A. in cultural anthropology, researching tango in Buenos Aires.

Now she teaches Tango classes in Portland Oregon where she resides with her dear husband and son. She also runs with Luisa Zini Fortuna a popular monthly milonga. She also teaches very interesting online online workshops.