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El motivo tango: luciana Valle, Dina Martinez and Valencia Batiuk

El Motivo Tango

From Buenos Aires, Argentina


An essential point of reference of the present-day tango in Buenos Aires, El Motivo Tango summons every week, from Monday to Monday, hundreds of dancers and fans who learn, practice, and express their love for the tango dance. El Motivo project began with the idea of creating a tango powerhouse.

With more than 16 years of uninterrupted history, El Motivo Tango is characterized by the plurality and breadth of the proposals it generates. Conceived as an integral space dedicated to the tango dance, its initial aim was to reinstate the tradition of the tango practica. The proposal of a Monday practice, “La Práctica de los Lunes”, quickly became a unifier of the talent of the new generation of dancers, while practicas multiplied in the city.

El Motivo Tango kept on growing: its next step the creation of La Escuela (the school), which added classes and seminars to the regular practice. The school, designed to offer not only classes but also systematic training from the first steps to the most advanced levels, is characterized by its pedagogical proposal and its conceptual clarity. At El Motivo’s school, social dance is approached from its structure, mechanics, technique and dynamics beyond styles or types of dance, inviting students to develop their own potential.

Its creators Luciana Valle, Dina Martinez and Valencia Batiuk are teachers and dancers with more than 25 years of experience and are undisputed references in the teaching of Tango in Buenos Aires.

Luciana Valle

Dina Martínez

Valencia Batiuk

Luciana Valle began dancing in the nineties and was part of the Tango Investigation group of Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas, a project that produced what is nowadays known as the tango language used all over the world to teach tango.

She is both an expert leader and follower, and has won widespread recognition as one of the best female teachers. She teaches with fantastic energy and exuberance, has a wonderful eye for detail, and uses descriptive movement images, making complex actions accessible. Her classes focus on the structure of the dance, the technical keys to moving comfortably and expressively, and the strong connection between leaders and followers challenging and benefiting both leaders and followers alike.

Since 1999 Luciana has been coming regularly to Portland to teach tango workshops and give privates.

Luciana Valle

Dina Martínez is a certified teacher of classical and contemporary ballet.

Since 1988 she has been teaching Tango under the sponsorship of the City of Buenos Aires in various locations around town.

She is the director of the Tango Company “Besos Tintos”, a training and improvement school for young dancers.

Since 2004, together with Luciana Valle and Valencia Batiuk, she has been co-director of “El Motivo Tango”, a school and comprehensive space dedicated to the dance of tango.

Dina traveled abroad for several years teaching classes and seminars in different cities of the United States, Brazil and Europe.

For 10 year she was part of the jury for the Buenos Aires Youth Tournaments. In 2019 she was selected as a juror for the World Tango Championship.

Dina Martínez

Valencia is a dancer trained in contemporary ballet and Tango.

She trained in tango with the greatest contemporary masters (O.Zotto, G.Gonzalez, F.Salas, G.Naveira, M.Frúmboli). Since 1994 she has been teaching in renowned milongas around Buenos Aires with dancers like Julio Balmaceda, Pablo Inza, José Garófalo and Horacio Godoy. Since 2000 she has been regularly teaching tango seminars in Europe. In 2004 she created and directed with Dina Martinez and Luciana Valle, El Motivo Tango, a space of practice, classes, seminars, dances, and concerts.

She danced in independent companies of contemporary ballet (Brenda Angiel, Miguel Robles, etc.) and tango (Tangokinesis by Ana Maria Stekelman, Pure Tango, Tango the Show, etc.) performing in numerous theaters (CCRR, Gral San Martín Municipal Theatre, Comedy Theatre, Maipo, President Alvear, etc.) and international dance festivals (Colorado Dance Festival, Festival , etc.).

Since 2004 she has been a juror of the Buenos Aires Tango Championship and the World Tango Championship.

Valencia Batiuk

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