Dance Ambassadors & Private tandas

PTF2022 Dance Ambassadors Program

Note for all out-of-town followers!

Is this your first time at the Portland TangoFest? Are you a little bit shy and do not feel comfortable looking into the eyes of strangers to get your first dance?

No worries, this year, with you in in mind, we have organized a group of good local dancers devoted for the first two hours of each evening milonga to dance exclusively with you, out-of-town followers.

Look for the White carnation

Look for them, they are elegant gentlemen wearing a white carnation in their lapel. When not busy dancing, they will be sitting at a reserved table also decorated with white carnations .

Feel free to approach them, they are there to help you get that important first dance.

Private Tandas at the PTF2022

Note for Followers and leaders

We are also supporting another program that we believe will help both followers and leaders get lovely dances at the Portland TangoFest2022.

As dancers, we all have felt that after a tanda with a great partner we experience an increase in cabeceos and opportunities to dance.

One of our local teachers is available to dance a tanda or two (max 3 per night), at a reasonable cost, to help show you off for more opportunities to dance.

How to Reserve a private tanda with Dominic Bridge

Contact Dominic at