Our Guest Teachers

Adam Cornett

Adam Cornett

From Portland OR

Dancer, teacher, US Tango champion 2016


Adam teaches salon style which is the primary style danced in Argentina as well as one of the main styles in competitions around the world. In his teaching Adam uses a physical approach and explains the body movements using physics concepts and anatomy to help students develop the easiest and most effective way of dancing.


Adam started dancing tango in Portland OR more than 20 years ago. He trained initially with long time Portland tango teachers Rachel Lidskog and Alex Krebs and then branched out working with different renown teachers while he started teaching on his own.

 In 2014 Adam moved to Boston to partner with Tilly Kimm, his first professional partner. 

Adam and Tilly were invited to teach in many festivals and to teach workshops in many cities around the US and the World. Adam and Tilly won the US Salon Championship in 2016.

In 2018 Adam partnered with world Champion Maria Ines Bogado for a short tour in the US and in 2018-2019 Adam partnered with world champion Jesica Arfenoni.

In 2019 Adam moved to China to teach tango in Beijing and taught at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy. 

Adam moved back to Portland at the end of 2019 to take care of his mother and has begun teaching classes in Portland. Adam is once again a Portland Tango teacher.