Yesica Esquivel and Ariel Leguizamon

They travel all over the world in partnership performing and teaching what they are most passionate about: the tango. They have been together in life and in dance partnership for over 20 years and the harmony they have created is expressed in their performances and in their classes.


They love the Tango and the life they live together.

They are extremely well known in Argentina both in the teaching and the performing circuits.

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Winners of the Pelando Variacion competition 2016

The Pelando variacion competition focuses on the ability of a couple to perform that particular part of any tango song called variacion that happens towards the end of the piece as the peak moment of the tango. The dancers are called to just dance that short moment which tests their ability to be focused connected and fast. Yesica y Ariel got it and won due to their unique ability to be together and extremely connected while having fun.

Highlights of their career

They were part of the Roberto Herrera dance company for many years and taught in Italy, Germany, Japan, Brazil and in Buenos Aires, where they are from. 

Yesica Esquivel and Ariel Leguizamon are the winners of the Pelando Variacion Competition 2016.
Campeonato Mundial de Baile - Final Tango Escenario - Participantes: Ariel Leguizamon y Yesica Esquivel - Grabado en: Luna Park - Fecha: 27/08/13
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Gira Italia 2011, compañia Roberto Herrera, teatro Smeraldo, Milan.

Chacarera Masters

Yesica and Ariel are also amazing Chacarera teachers and performers. So for the first time we will have the opportunity to include Chacarera classes taught by professionals at the Portland Tango Festival 2017. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

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