Ariadna and Fernando

Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez

Ariadna, daughter of Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, started dancing very young and was exposed through both her parents to the most incredible tango technique. With Fernando she is now blossoming into her own dancer becoming an amazing actor in the younger generation tango scene. Read more about their pedigree and teaching philosophy.




Yesica and Ariel

Yesica Esquivel & Ariel Leguizamon

Yesica & Ariel will be visiting Portland Tango Festival for the first time, as part of their tour as winners of the 2016 Pelando Variación. Read more about their background here.


Kara WenHam dancing with Dominc Bridge

 Recognized as an excellent dancer and teacher in Buenos Aires and abroad, Kara's dancing and classes are founded on a modern tango salon that incorporates the techniques and dynamics of a contemporary tango whilst maintaining a strong connection to the roots of the dance. She will be working and collaborating during the festival with our excellent local tango teacher Domic Bridge.  Read more about their background here.

Kara Wenham