TangoLeva is...

Tangoleva ...dressing tangueras worldwide since 1998 Clothing designed and produced by tango dancers, we have our finger on the pulse of tango fashion. Tangoleva knows what works, what feels good, what looks great.

Preserving the classics and continually creating new, inspired pieces. Express your tango mood and personality with Tangoleva. Fabulous tango dresses, skirts, pants, tops and more!

Tangoleva creates limited edition tango dresses, skirts, tops & pants of high­end quality fabrics and workmanship. We focus on dance ­tested designs that work on a variety of body types and show off each woman’s best features. Our limited edition collection is balanced with affordable pieces hand picked from a variety of fashion showrooms. Tangoleva’s dedicated & very personal customer service will take care of you from beginning to end.

At the Portland Tango Festival 2017 you will have the opportunity to visit our Tangoleva Pop ­Up boutique and experience our beautiful, wearable, long lasting clothing up close and personal! Feel the fabrics, try the styles ... amaze yourself (and your leads!) with your new Tangoleva outfit.