Poema is...

POEMA is luxury handmade tango clothing. We produce fantastically beautiful clothes with total freedom of movement, using high-end materials like real silk charmeuse and bamboo knit. Our signatures are glamorous silhouettes, fashion-forward prints & rich colors.

Tango is an opportunity to wear truly glorious clothing, but not all clothing is designed to be secure enough for a night of dancing. Poema clothing IS designed for dancing late into the night without sacrificing the opulence of luxury materials or the delicate whimsy of handmade couture. Each garment is carefully hand made from luxury materials by the designer, resulting in unique, collectable pieces that are infinitely pleasurable to wear while dancing.

Dancers should come and get an amazing piece of luxury tango clothing from us because our clothes are not only ultra-flattering to the dancing body, but the are also made from natural, breathable materials!