Kara the teacher

"We can only teach what we really do, what we've tried and tested, and what we feel truly works in the "real" world, meaning in the studio and of course, on the dance floor"

Kara Wenham

We are extremely excited to announce that Kara Wenham will be part of the Portland Tango Festival 2017. She returns to Portland, after several years, to bring her amazing knowledge and grace in teaching and the magic of her dancing that will be brought to shine by our wonderful local teacher Dominic Bridge.

As a dancer

KARA WENHAM Y JAVIER ANTAR Misterio tango Festival 8va. Edición Cámara: Yael Szmulewicz y Aurelie Ravineau Edición: Yael Szmulewicz Salón Canning Milonga Parakultural Buenos Aires Argentina Febrero 2016

Kara moves with great presence and vitality. Hers is a subtle and communicative dance that is inspired and guided by the music, as well as the nuances of the embrace. She aims to achieve a personal tango aesthetic that clearly transmits and evokes her inner sensibility.

AS a teacher

Kara Wenham

Kara Wenham

Kara has developed a hands-on approach that allows her students to immediately entrain to a technique that they can both feel and understand. Her pedagogy is designed to give students the necessary tools for continued training and for developing their own dance style. When she is not working abroad she is living and working in Berlin.



Kara has created a number of beautiful partnership with different tango dancers. A journey of growth that has brought her to a deep understanding of the dance due to her acute sense of observation and passion for discovery and her ability to communicate with her partners in a unique way.

During the Portland Tango Festival 2017 she will be assisted by Dominic Bridge a unique wonderful tango dancer on his own.


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Kara Wenham and Dominic Bridge dancing in their first performance at Spiegalsaal Milonga in Berlin. May 9, 2017