We designed the class schedule to represent the diverse teaching and dancing styles of our renowned instructors. We want this offering to cater to your learning needs. For a positive experience, please evaluate your own dancing, and adhere to the level guidelines when choosing classes.

All classes take place at Norse Hall. Classes are 75 minutes long.
Class schedule is for information purposes only and subject to change.
Look here for more details on the teachers.

Note: The schedule below is still in flux, so changes might happen, but it will be soon finalized.

(schedules subject to change)

All levels: The classes cater to beginners and very advanced dancers alike. Many classes will work on individual movement and technique, body awareness, musicality and deep fundamentals. 

Intermediate: You are familiar with fundamental tango vocabulary and comfortable leading/following patterns. These classes will challenge you to develop new combinations and gain confidence in creating dynamic steps.

Advanced: You are looking to gain targeted training in the class topic to achieve better quality of movement and integrate different steps. The classes expect the dancer to be comfortable in the topic and will directly dive into the specifics of technique and execution.

Advanced Couples: Bring a partner and challenge yourself to dance the signature specialty of our featured instructors. If you feel all too familiar and comfortable in your dancing, this class is for you! 

Practicas: Join us for special practicas guided by the instructors, to refine the materials learned in classes.

All the classes will be conveniently located at or near the Norse Hall. Please contact us for any questions and we will be happy to answer them.