Adorno is...

Adorno is modern-romantic jewelry designed to compliment your tango attire.  It is wire wrapped gemstone jewelry that is light, sparkly, movement oriented, and hand crafted from fine materials.  

Tango is a social ritual that encourages us to step away from our day-to-day life and into a universe of sublime elegance.  The tanguera can externally express the sensual emotive qualities of the milonga through her adornment, from soft flowing fabrics to divine feminine shoes and sumptuous jewelry.  Adorno jewelry epitomizes the spirit of tango dancing.  Each piece is hand crafted from natural semiprecious gemstones and fine metals, light and shimmery, born from the same improvisational creativity that guides tango.  Embody the essence of tango with Adorno Jewelry.  

Expert craftsmanship, impeccable designs, and quality materials are the hallmark of Adorno Jewelry.  In addition, the selection has never been broader, from simple elegant threaders, to modern crawlers, opulent chandeliers, and front-back necklaces.  Whether you're looking to expand your Adorno collection or are a first time customer, you will find an array of pieces to suit all tastes and means.