Times and locations are subject to change without notice. To stay informed, join our mailing list at the bottom of this page.


On Saturday we offer first-time tango dancers a chance to participate in the festival activities. For details about this program, please, take a look at the Bite Size Tango page.

Group Classes

Group classes will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4:30pm. All classes will take place at the Norse Hall building. For a detailed overview of the group classes, please see the Class Schedule.

Milongas & Practicas

Most milongas will take place at Norse hall. For specific DJs, venues and times, please check Milongas.

Sunday Dinner with the Stars

Sunday dinner with our teachers. Please, visit here for more details.


For details on all of the venues, please see the Venues page.

Private Lessons

All our teachers are available for private lessons. To schedule private lessons, please connect with us through our contact form

Printable Schedule

Here is a printable PDF Schedule. Printed copies will also be available at the Norse hall.